What is GENEPRO?

  Unlike joint sales partnership or an agent who merely introduces processing company, GENEPRO is a manufacturing company and a distributor who is responsible for the control of  production process and product's drawing.

 Who guarantees the quality of the products?

GENEPRO does. 

What's the difference between GENEPRO and a trading company?

GENEPRO is a manufacturing company in which specialized manufactures in respective single rocess joins.

 Where GENEPRO's products are sold?

They are sold in Europa, the U.S.A., India, Brazil, Rossia, China‥etc

 Does GENEPRO has manufacturing division?

  About one hundred small and medium manufacturing companies that are experts in single manufacturing process become manufacturing division.

Who invested money?

  Banks (local banks), Shinkin banks, participating companies, investment companies, trading companies, securities firm etc.

Does GENEPRO accept orders only for parts ?

   No. GENEPRO undertakes to manufacture the assembled parts as well as designing of dies,machines and toolings

 What kind of products does GENEPRO deal with?

Parts and dies for Industrial machines, agricultural machines, construction machines, machine tools, vessels, automotives and so on.